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Dementia Care Training

Person-Centered Dementia Care Training 

This is a workshop series that trains staff at senior care facilities in the principles and methods of person-centered dementia care.

Our training improves both the ability and confidence of caregiving staff to deal with residents with dementia therapeutically.  Since residents with dementia can at times be quite difficult to connect with, our approach is especially focused on enhancing staff's emotional attunement. 

Staff learn group-oriented methods of engaging residents with dementia. Residents respond to these group activities with increased social interaction and awareness of others. In consequence, overall levels of agitation and other “difficult behaviors” are reduced on the dementia unit.

The full workshop series includes three phases of staff training:

  • Didactic and interactive workshops to help staff better understand dementia and how to work with residents with dementia.
  • Process consulting workshops that model person-centered care in vivo with residents, and teach staff both group programming and facilitation skills.
  • An ongoing support group for staff, to help them cultivate and consolidate their skills to the point where a person-centered approach becomes self-sustaining.

In everything we do for our clients – whether individuals or facilities – we bring our person-centered approach, and we walk our talk:  that aging truly matters.

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Aging Matters -  Our name is our commitment to our clients.