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Customer Service Training

The Rationale for Improved Service Excellence 
Customer service is an important - and we believe, an increasingly essential - function for senior living residences and senior care facilities.  Excellence in customer service is naturally important to seniors and their families, as a matter of quality of life.  And this creates a business imperative for senior residences and facilities, as a matter of competitive advantage. This imperative, to build and sustain a culture of service excellence, will very likely intensify over the next decade.  There are two primary reasons:
- The generation of baby boomers, who are now beginning to enter the senior living sector, are likely to demand much more service quality than previous generations have.
- There are increasing demands, and a burgeoning trend, to publicly grade facilities in terms of service excellence.  This is already mandated by Medicare for hospitals (i.e., HCAHPS rankings of patient satisfaction), and it will probably be extended to nursing homes in the not-too-distant future.  And there are other vehicles of public grading (i.e., online reviews of resident/family satisfaction) that have already begun or will soon be applied to assisted living facilities and independent living residences.
Aging Matters can help your facility improve customer service and build a sustainable culture of service excellence.  We have established expertise and experience helping healthcare and other organizations implement customer service initiatives.  And we have a record of demonstrated results - e.g., as measured by substantially raised scores on HCAHPS and Press Ganey surveys following our interventions.

Components of a Service Enhancement Initiative
Our service excellence initiatives typically involve some or all of these elements:
- a baseline customer service survey, gathering relevant data from residents and family members, as well as facility management and direct service staff (both administrative and caregiving)
- training, for both management and staff, on the principles and strategies involved in building a culture of service excellence
- articulation of a customer service vision, via facilitated focus group sessions with facility management and direct service staff
- one or more pilot projects, where teams of caregiving and administrative staff recommend and then implement concrete service enhancement projects
- consulting with facility leaders and middle managers to trouble-shoot and work-out systemic obstacles to achieving service excellence
- a program of strategic communication throughout the project and afterwards to communicate project success and build momentum for service improvement across the organization 
- a follow-up service excellence survey, to measure the extent of initial success, and to recommend key areas for ongoing improvement

In everything we do for our clients – whether individuals or facilities – we bring our person-centered approach, and we walk our talk:  that aging truly matters.

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Aging Matters -  Our name is our commitment to our clients.