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Management Consulting

Although Aging Matters is a psychological services company, we also have strong expertise in management consulting.  Our business director - Joel Mausner, PhD - is a highly experienced leadership and organization consultant, who has worked with a wide range of corporate, non-profit and healthcare organizations.  
(For details, go to Dr. Mausner's bio under "Who We Are", or click on the link below to go to the website of his consulting company - Workplace Psychology.)

Workplace Psychology

Based on Dr. Mausner's consulting expertise, Aging Matters offers a variety of consulting services that are relevant for senior care facilities and senior living residences - especially those which aspire to be or become among the best in class.  Some of our key management consulting services are:
  • Senior Leader Development
  • Middle Management Training
  • Staff Performance Supervision
  • Building a Culture of Teamwork
  • Systems/Process Problem-Solving 
Our Customer Service Training and Peer University offerings are also grounded in Dr. Mausner's expertise as an organization consultant.  (Go to the relevant links on the left for further details on these offerings.)

Senior Leader Development  - This often involves a customized executive coaching experience (sometimes including a 360 assessment), which helps leaders leverage their strengths, while strengthening less developed skill sets. Coaching also typically includes advice about talent management and team development for the people who report to the senior executive.  Facilitation of executive retreats, and group training workshops on key leadership issues, are also available.

Middle Management Training - This typically consists of a series of training workshops on key management issues:  e.g., communication effectiveness, conflict handling, employee engagement, performance supervision, priority and time management, role accountability, teamwork effectiveness, etc.  Manager "peer learning groups" and/or "action learning projects" can supplement the workshops, to provide opportunities to practice and master the learning.  Brief coaching can also be provided for selected managers.

Staff Performance Supervision - The effectiveness of direct line staff (whether caregiving or administrative) is probably most affected by the quality of performance supervision offered by their managers.  Effective performance supervision involves a process of ongoing oversight, constructive feedback, and supportive coaching advice.  Providing the managers of direct line staff with skill-building workshops and/or discussion forums on performance supervision can significantly enhance quality of care, service excellence, and other aspects of effective staff performance.


Building a Culture of Teamwork - Since collaborative work tends to be an especially vital driver of service excellence and quality of care in senior care facilities and senior living residences, a team-focused approach to training and development can be especially beneficial.  A team building program (consisting of training events, peer learning groups, team leader coaching) can be pitched to any level or sector of an organization - from caregiver teams to administrative teams, from service units to functional departments, up to the senior executive team.


Systems/Process Problem-Solving - The systems or work processes of an organization, although intended to achieve important goals, sometimes create unnecessary obstacles for staff to excel at their work (or sometimes appropriate systems have never been put in place at all). We can help you diagnosis these systems problems, and, if indicated, we can facilitate a collaborative problem-solving process that allows the affected staff to sort through the complexities and recommend constructive solutions.



In everything we do for our clients – whether individuals or facilities – we bring our person-centered approach, and we walk our talk:  that aging truly matters.

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Aging Matters -  Our name is our commitment to our clients.