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Quality Care & Control

Aging Matters is committed to quality care and offers a comprehensive quality control program.  Our program is designed to ensure that both our clinical and facility clients receive the highest quality service, and that our facility clients can rest assured that Aging Matters is providing top-notch service.  

Quality of care (in senior facilities, like all healthcare settings) is enhanced by (and oftentimes requires) a multi-disciplinary integrated approach.  At Aging Matters, we take teamwork seriously.  We don't treat patients in isolation, but always in connection with caregiving staff and other healthcare providers.  In our working relationships with colleagues, we model a healthy respect for both the differences among us and the shared values that unit us as caring professionals, entrusted with the care of older adults.  On the basis of this mutual respect, we collaborate to establish and implement an integrated treatment plan, assisting with behavioral change, crisis intervention, and other matters as needed.  Far from treating patients is isolation, we aspire to make a constructive contribution to the caregiving culture of the overall facility, and to residents' quality of life.

Our quality care commitment includes:

  • collaborating with facility staff and other healthcare providers to develop integrated treatment plans
  • ongoing cooperation with staff to implement, and to monitor progress on, treatment goals and tactics  
  • participation in quarterly treatment planning meetings (as indicated)
  • preparation of quarterly psychology treatment summaries (as needed)
  • communicating with facility staff about emerging client concerns or needs (as relevant)
  • coordinating with facility staff on client behavioral management strategies (as necessary)
  • ready accessibility to facility staff and/or leaders to consult about crisis intervention strategies

Our quality control program includes:
  • ongoing supervision of psychology staff by highly experienced geropsychologists
  • high quality documentation of our work - to support coordinated multi-disciplinary treatment
  • ongoing chart reviews of documentation quality - to assure compliance with government regulations, and to improve usefulness for staff
  • participation in audit/survey preparations (if needed) - to provide an extra measure of assurance that all psychology documentation is compliant
  • support for MDS (Medicaid Minimum Data Set) enhancement - by training facility MDS assessors on mental health-related interview protocols

In addition to the focus we place on quality care and control for ourselves, we also offer consulting services to enhance facility quality (e.g., Customer Service Training) and quality control (e.g., Systems/Process Problem-Solving and other forms of Management Consulting).  For more information about these services, click on the relevant links to the left.

In everything we do for our clients – whether individuals or facilities – we bring our person-centered approach, and we walk our talk:  that aging truly matters.

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Aging Matters -  Our name is our commitment to our clients.