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Treatment Issues

Our psychologists work with a wide range of clinical syndromes and adjustment reactions.  Many of our patients are suffering from depression, whether mild or severe.  Some struggle with anxiety symptoms.  Some have entered the early-to-mid stages of dementia, and others are dealing with lesser degrees of memory impairment.  Some have behavioral problems that are disruptive to those around them.  A few suffer from major mental illnesses that have haunted them all their lives.  We work with all of these diagnoses and more.  
As psychologists we take a person-centered approach:  we focus on the client (not their symptoms alone), helping them cope with the underlying emotional and life-adjustment issues that create or exacerbate their symptoms.

Many of our senior clients, and especially those living in long-term care settings, are struggling with age-related issues of loss - including loss of:  

  • spouse, other relatives, friends 
  • home, neighborhood, community
  • career, hobbies, other cherished pursuits
  • memory, cognitive skills, intellectual interests
  • body integrity, mobility and other physical skills 
  • personal autonomy, self-sufficiency, self-respect

Many of our out-patient clients, and their families, are struggling with issues of change and life transition:  
  • moving into retirement
  • finding a sense of direction and meaning in one's elder years
  • coping with increasing physical and/or cognitive limitations
  • the onset of chronic illnesses 
  • coping with the rigors of health and pain management
  • decisions about aging in place
  • adapting to changed relationships dictated by changed circumstances
  • dealing with conflicts that arise as children or others take on caregiver roles

Whatever the psychiatric symptoms or presenting complaints, we work with clients and their families to place these matters within the broader context of their lives.  We enable them to understand the deeper feelings and meanings that are causing their distress (such as the loss and change examples noted above). Once the issues are re-defined in this person-centered way, patients and their families begin to discover previously neglected sources of strength that they can use to develop strategies to cope with their distress.


In everything we do for our clients – whether individuals or facilities – we bring our person-centered approach, and we walk our talk:  that aging truly matters.

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Aging Matters -  Our name is our commitment to our clients.